Good Night Message

good night message

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Good Night Message


“Tomorrow I will give you one more chance. So sleep tight and Good Night.


“Night gives you a chance to take rest. Don’t west your time using social media. Good Night everyone.”


“Your dream is waiting for you. Good Night and sleep tight.”


“We did a lot of work. It’s enough for today. We will restart again tomorrow. Till then goodbye and good night.”


“After a long busy day, it’s time to sleep. Good Night everyone.”


Good Night Message For GF


“Do you know why I like to sleep? Because I know you will come in my dream to make my night lovely. Good Night my love.”


“You are not alone tonight, I am with you. Don’t be afraid, I will reply you when you will message me. Now close your eyes and Good Night, my sweetheart.”


“I am waiting in your dream to hug you, kiss you. Come on quickly. Good Night my cute girlfriend.”


“I don’t wanna disturb you again. I just wanna say Good Night to you.”


“I am missing you in this moonlight night. I wish you were with me. Good Night my lovely girlfriend.”


“Wait, I am coming in your dream. Good night my love.”


“I am lying in my bed and thinking about my dream girl who is not other than you. Good night sweetheart.”


Good Night Message For Friend


“Now you have a full night. You can sleep or you can chat with your lover. I will not disturb you tonight. Good Night.”


“My restless eyes wanna sleep now. I hope tomorrow will be a successful day for us. Good Night now.”


“Save your good moments in your heart and remove bad moments from your mind. Good Night my friend.”


“It’s time to sleep, see you soon. Good Night Friend.”


“Wish you a good night my dear best friend. Have a sweet dream and sound sleep.”


“It would have been better if the night was long. But it will not be. Good night my dear friends.”


“That was a fantastic day and we did a lot of fun. I am so tired. I need to rest now. Good night friends.”


Good Night Message For Wife


“I am not far from you. I am here with you in your dream. Good Night My dear wife.”


“I am missing you badly and this is the pain which I can’t explain. Good Night my sweet wife.”


“I know you don’t wanna talk with me. But I can’t sleep without wishing you Good Night.”


Good Night Message For Husband


“You are the one who can make my night romantic. Let’s enjoy this night together. Good Night my dear husband.”


Good Night Message For Son


“Don’t forget that I live in your adjoining room. Shut down your Computer and please go to sleep quickly. Good Night.”


“Don’t worry, everything will be all right. Good Night my son.”


“I know you are still chatting with your friends. This is the last warning, switch off your mobile and go to sleep. Good Night.”



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