Long Goodnight Messages For Her

Maybe you are searching for Long Goodnight Messages For Her. Here on this website, you will get a huge collection of long good night messages for girlfriend or wife. Let’s see our romantic good night SMS for wife or girlfriend.

Long Goodnight Messages For Her


“Wind is blowing slowly, the moon is playing with the cloud. Such a beautiful night. I wish I was there with you to enjoy this moment. Whatever, Good Night My dear sweet girlfriend.”


“Maybe I need your permission to touch you. But I don’t need any permission to come in your dream. I am coming, I will make your dream romantic. Good Night my angry bird.”


“At this time, a lot of people are sleeping and a lot of people have been lying in the bed and thinking about something or someone. I am one of them, but only one who is thinking about you.”


“I am sorry my dear wife, I can’t hug you tonight because I am so far from you. This night will be so painful for me. I will try to come home quickly. Please take care of my sweetheart. Good night my dear, sleep tight my love.”


“It’s hard for me to sleep without you. I wanna hug you tightly. I don’t know when I will get you as my life partner. But am trying my best. Please pray for me. Good Night my love.”


“I know, now I am far from you. But, do you know? I am not far from your heart. Now I am in your heart to love you. Let’s sleep together tonight. Good Night my sweetheart.”


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